Sunday, June 27, 2010

Episode n of the debate

I'll just post this set of links. If you are a follower of the accommodation debate you'll be familiar with the parties involved and possibly with these particular articles.

First up we had a pro argument in the Huffington Post by Alan I. Leshner, CEO of the AAAS.

Then an anti discussion at Ophelia Benson's Butterflies and Wheels. Some good comments there IMO.

Russell Blackford enlarged on the discussion on his Metamagician blog.

John Pieret critiques Blackford on his (Pieret's) Thoughts in a Haystack blog.

That's where I lost the trail on this episode of the debate. I'm sure there were more posts on blogs.

[EDIT] Update, discovered more spore and picked up the trail!

Chris Mooney, riffs on Ishners HuffPo piece at the Intersection blog.

Ophelia Benson was not amused.

Russell Blackford elaborated on a cracking comment by Eric MacDonald (commenting on the previous link's article) on Butterflies and Wheels. Even if you violently oppose Eric's views, you've got to admit the man can write!

Jerry Coyne critiques Chris Mooney. I need some form of tree diagram to show the linkage here!

You're not helping critiques Coyne. Plenty of snark.

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