Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ruse on compatibility of evolution and religions like Christianity

Michael Ruse finds it hard to reconcile the contingency of evolution with the necessity of there being human or human-like beings;

intelligent beings, with moral awareness, able to act in this world, have to exist if Christianity is true

Jerry Coyne agrees as one would expect from an anti-accommodationist.


  1. Being a Darwinist and dare I say Humanist Christian myself I see no great conflicts - except when you try to explain science with faith - that doesn't work at all.

    Some cannot reconcile the two points, yet quite a few can. I am am one of the lucky ones I guess.

  2. Robert, if you're still abouts. Do you think that humans are an important or necessary part of the universe? I mean, do you reckon that God created the universe so that humans would arise and be part of his/her plan? I think if a believer holds that God intended for them to exist and has a plan, then there are problems reconciling that with the contingency of evolution. Thoughts?