Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tom Johnson/YNH the end?

It seems Jerry Coyne could moonlight as a detective.
Here he has the scoop (probably) on the Tom Johnson/You're not helping guy.
Ophelia Benson is happy with Coyne's work. Still waiting for an apology.
PZ Myers is over Tom Johnson. Me too.
Chris Mooney gives his thought about what PZ knows, and thinks Jerry Coyne would make a good investigative Journalist. Erm...
Russell Blackford has his say.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Does anti-accommodationism harm?

One of the arguments in the accommodation debate is that anti-accommodationist/new atheist stridency, forthrightness, or whatever it's termed harms the cause. It drives people away apparently. So the anti side ought not be so loud or not argue their case as a tactic. I think that's what it boils down to. This of course is an empirical question. It's not certain a priori that the anti side are a problem.
Anyway, apparently there is some data.

Jerry Coyne starts here.

Jason Rosenhouse add his bit here with more data. He askes where is the backlash that was predicted to follow the new atheists nastyness.

Josh Rosenau has a post* giving his opinion.

Of course PZ had to have his say.

*I posted the wrong link before. Thanks to verbose stoic for the correction.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Coyne on accommodationist tactics.

Jerry Coyne lists the tactics of those rascally accommodationists. Apparently there is a clergy letter project that is being relentlessly attacked by nasty atheists.

PZ Myers, evil atheist overlord, thinks he might have relentlessly attacked this accommodationist letter project.

Quiche Moraine on accommodation

An interesting look on the contrast between scientific knowledge and religious knowledge.

The conflict between science and religion is in the means of acquiring knowledge.

h/t Opinionated bastards.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Podcast of Mooney on Accommodation.

Are Science and Religion compatible? The New Atheists argue that a proper understanding of science undermines faith. But according to atheists such as Chris Mooney (author of Unscientific America and host of CFI's podcast Point of Inquiry) not only are science and moderate religion compatible , but the uncompromising rhetoric and harsh tone of the New Atheists "can only damage the cause of scientific literacy." For this episode, the doubtcasters share their take on the "accommodationist" vs "confrontationist" debate. Also on this episode: a critical look at the Templeton Foundation and we look at the psychology of persuasion for a new installment of God Thinks Like You.

H/T to Jason Bonney.

De Dora on Accommodation

Michael De Dora doesn't think that science and religion are compatible.

Sorry for not having anything but links lately. I'm snowed under with work and baby.