Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wilkins on accommodation

John S. Wilkins starts a series of posts on how a religious person might find evolution and their religious beliefs philosophically compatible, as opposed to just being psychologically compatible.
In this first post, he explores the deistic option and the convergence option. Wilkins is worth a read, even if you don't agree with him. He doesn't find the two options mention as compatible in the sense that anti-accommodationists claim isn't possible, but will suggest how this can be done in a later post. At least that's what I got when briefly skimming his blog post.


  1. You stated that Wilkins starts a serious of posts...". I am sure that is a typo, but Wilkins article is extremely weak, with ridiculous assumptions throughout. I certainly don't consider it serious at all.

  2. NEB - it is not serious to you because it does not support your belief. Something is not automatically inferior because it is against what you want, it is different naturally but then I will state you are not God, and therefore your opinion is just an opinion.

    I have worked in science, explore science and I am a Christian - just because you tell me it can't be so doesn't make it that way.

    I exist within the two schools of thought with ease, as do a lot of Christians, it is only the Atheist who seems to have a problem here.

  3. Bloody typo! Thanks NEB. As for the content of Wilkins' post, I've only given it a brief view. Will look at it later I hope. I'm trying to be fair and post whatever I find on the accommodation shebang.

    I've even posted a few You're not helping links. As NEB pointed out, that site was sock-puppet central and pretty nasty. It's gone into meltdown now.