Monday, June 28, 2010

You're not helping will help no more

Russell Blackford gives a eulogy for the You're not helping blog which turned out not to help. I've posted a few links from that blog to try and give a bit of balance I suppose. I hadn't noticed how poor it was. By the way, my name is Brian. Russell can vouch for that.

PZ Myers has gives his view.

Found this as well at The Buddha is not serious.

Ophelia Benson on You're not helping. Seems whoever was behind the blog was not doing the accommodation 'cause' any favours.

Jerry Coyne has a cute take.

Greg Laden too.


Greg Laden reports that the YNH guy has left an apologetic note on The Budda is not serious' blog.


  1. Oh yes. A particularly virulent one at that. It kept reprimanding people on tone, but didn't really monitor it (him) self.

  2. It does often seem that those who complain most about tone are themselves tone death.

  3. I can't find an E-mail address on the site, so I'll risk being off-topic here and give you an FYI that your link to Why Evolution is True has a bug ... you have "http://http//why ..." there and so when you click on it, the two https make it unreachable.

  4. Thanks Verbosestoic. Fixed the link.