Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Science Festival episode

Back at the start of June 2010 The World Science festival had a Templeton sponsored panel. This organization seems to promote anybody who endorses or argues for compatibility of science and religion. Whatever type of compatibility that might be. New atheists need not apply.

Jerry Coyne wasn't for it. Sean Carroll agreed with Coyne. Chad Orzel disagreed. Josh Rosenau disagreed with Coyne too. Jason Rosenhouse disagreed with Orzel and Rosenau. Ophelia Benson disagrees with Rosenau. Tom Paines ghost was there (supernatural!) And I'm sure You're not helping didn't help.


  1. I would have to say my encounters with New Atheists have been most unpleasant. So, in a way I could see why their exclusion might be justified.

    There would have been much shouting and disrespect flying for sure. As I say, my experience with the NA hasn't been, well, nice at all.

  2. Fair enough Robert. There's idiots on all sides of any debate.